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Terje P. Hagen is one of Norway’s leading health service analysts. He is a professor at the department of health economics and health management at the University of Oslo. His works cover different forms of financing systems and organizations, their impact on patients’ use of healthcare services and an individual’s health. Recent analyses include evaluations of initiatives in primary care to reduce the number of admissions to somatic hospitals. Hagen also works on the overall effect on patients’ mortality and health from fundamental changes in the features of healthcare systems such as reduction in hospital length of stays and the transition from institution-based to home-based primary care services. 

Norway stands out as a country well developed in health services with relatively high user satisfaction and high life expectancy. In his speech, Hagen will focus on how the Norwegian tax-based health system is designed and how recent reforms have affected the performance of the system. 

In addition to his professorship at the University of Oslo, Hagen has served as consultant for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, several of Norway’s health authorities, and at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).