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Ritu Sadana has more than 30 years of experience championing health equity in both public and private sectors in low, middle- and high-income countries. Sadana led the research and writing of the World Health Organization’s Decade of Healthy Ageing: baseline report, coordinated the development of the first WHO Global Strategy on Ageing and Health, including conceiving the objective towards the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030, and co-authored the WHO World Report on Ageing and Health.   

Sadana also leads the WHO Secretariat for the independent Council on the Economics of Health for All, which recently issued its Final Report. The document calls for a radical reorientation of economic and financial policy to increase public and private investments for health in multiple sectors.   

She is the principal investigator of WHO’s efforts to fill in evidence gaps and implement a life course approach in practice that connects a good start to life, healthy development and healthy ageing by involving policymakers, researchers and civil society in health, education, labour and social protection.   

She holds a Doctor of Science from Harvard University, an MSc in Public Health and a BA from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), with expertise in economics, epidemiology, demography and health policy. Sadana has over 200 scientific and policy publications. 

Twitter:  @RituSadana

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